Asked & Answered

At American National, our agents are multiple-line and exclusive. That means our agents provide their clients with the full range of quality American National insurance and financial products.

American National offers a broad line of products and services, which includes life insurance, annuities, health insurance, credit insurance, pension products and property and casualty insurance for personal lines, agribusiness and targeted commercial exposures.

Visit your state’s Department of Insurance website for licensing information. You are responsible for passing and paying for all applicable state licensing exams before being accepted into the agency internship.

A college degree is recommended, but it is not required to become an agency intern or a contracted agent.

As with owning any small business, there will be costs involved. Your Multiple Line General Agent (MLGA) will help you to develop your business plan.

Once you are accepted as an agency intern, you will work with your MLGA to compile a personalized training strategy. Once your MLGA understands your goals, they will match you with mentors they feel will best fit your training needs.

Your performance will be evaluated on the successful completion of online courses and your MLGA’s observations of your performance during training sessions, joint sales calls and other activities throughout your internship.

At the end of your internship, you will meet with your MLGA and your Regional Director to discuss your overall internship performance and to determine if a career as agent with American National is a good fit for you.

American National’s home office will be fully equipped to answer your questions and provide support throughout your career. During your training, we believe it is important for candidates to focus on learning the skills they will need to be successful, rather than how they will support themselves during the training process. Therefore, we invest in the future of our agencies by compensating candidates during the agency internship. American National also provides agents with a free, personalized website for their agency, in addition to assistance with a number of other marketing materials.

Even though American National has been a significant force in the insurance industry for more than a century, we continually strive to grow and attract new clients. We have established rigorous growth plans for the immediate future, and we’re searching for exceptional entrepreneurial professionals to represent us across the country. You have the opportunity to represent one of America’s most stable insurers and play a crucial role in continuing American National’s tradition of success.